Bartkuvienė Linara, Vilnius University
Linara Bartkuvienė teaches at the Department of English Philology, Faculty of Philology, Vilnius University, Lithuania. She teaches  History of the 18th-19th century English Literature, History of the 20th c. English Literature, History of World Literature, Theme of Madness in Literature, Theme of Love in Literature, William Shakespeare seminar, and other courses. Her research interests include British literature, philosophy. She completed her studies in Romance-Germanic  Languages and Literature programme at Vilnius University; completed diploma studies in English literature, literary theory, and academic writing at the University of Oxford (St.Hilda‘s College) (Great Britain). Her PhD thesis “Virginia Woolf’s Literary Aesthetics: The Epistemological Aspect” was defended in 2012 at Vilnius University. Research visits: University of London, SSEES (School of Slavonic and East European Studies) (Great Britain), University of Oxford, St.Peter‘s College (Great Britain). Besides ESSE, her membership includes Alumnae of Oxford University (St.Hilda‘s College), Cambridge and Oxford Society in Lithuania; she is also member of Editorial Board of “Journalistic Research“ of  the Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Bersėnienė Birutė, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Buitkienė Janina, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Chodzkienė Loreta, Vilnius University

Danytė Milda, Vytautas Magnus University
Prof. Milda Danytė defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto, Canada, in 1979. She has been working in the English Philology Department since 1990 m. Scientific interests: contemporary Canadian literature, Canadian minority history, trends and literature, diaspora history, literary and translation theory, issues of women’s identity in the historical and literary context, children’s literature.

Genienė Izolda, retired, affiliated to Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Grigaliūnienė Jonė, Vilnius University

Janulienė Aušra, Vilnius University

Kalėdaitė Violeta, Vytautas Magnus University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Violeta Kalėdaitė defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Bergen, Norway, in 2000. She has been working in the English Philology Department since 1990. Scientific interests: syntax, pragmatics (information structure of the sentence), linguistic typology, corpus linguistics, contrastive linguistics, translation studies, multilingualism.

Kaminskienė Ligija, Vilnius University
Prof. Dr. Ligija Kaminskienė teaches at the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies, Faculty of Philology, Vilnius University, Lithuania. As an active researcher in the field of translation studies she is interested in text cohesion and intertextuality, semiotic aspects of language, and interdisciplinary development of translation studies.
Prof. Ligija Kaminskienė has worked at academic institutions for 43 years. She was a co-founder and start-up director of one lifelong learning and two academic institutions in Lithuania. She is an author of a number of publications on linguistics, translation studies and education management.
Besides ESSE, her membership includes the English Speaking Union (ESU), Lithuania; Association of Applied Linguistics (LITAKA); editorial boards of scientific journals Vertimo studijos (Translation Studies) and Darnioji daugiakalbystė (Sustainable Multilingualism).

Mačianskienė Nemira, Vytautas Magnus University
Director of Institute of Foreign Languages Professor at Institute of Foreign Languages. Research interests: applied linguistics, development of multilingual competence, foreign language teaching and learning, learner strategies, translation and interpretation, intercultural communication, usage of IT in foreign language learning, etc.

Petronienė Eglė, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Ragaišienė Irena, Vytautas Magnus University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irena Ragaišienė defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Bergen, Norway, in 2000. She has been working in the English Philology department since 1990. Scientific interests: comparative literature, gender studies, culture studies, literary translation.

Raškauskienė Audronė, Vytautas Magnus University
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Audronė Raškauskienė defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Warsaw, Poland, in 2001. She has been working in the English Philology Department since 1990 m. Scientific interests: gothic literature, English literature of the eighteenth century, women’s literature, academic writing, creative writing, Gestalt psychotherapy in learning/teaching environments, translation, ecocriticism, autobiographical literature.

Ryvitytė Birutė, Vilnius University

Rudaitytė Regina, Vilnius University
Professor of English Literature, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philology for research and international relations.
Chairperson of the Lithuanian Association of University Teachers of English; a board-member of ESSE (European Society for the Study of English).
An editorial advisory board member of the International research journal EJES (European Journal of  English Studies).
Editor-in-chief of the research journal Literatūra.
International advisor with the Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research, University of Wolverhampton, UK.
Member of the Lithuanian Literary Translators’ Association.
Member of the Peer-Review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.
Fields of Research: Comparative Literature, Contemporary British Literature, Cultural Studies, Literary Translation.

Šeškauskienė Inesa, Vilnius University
L.A.U.T.E. member since 1998.

Šinkūnienė Jolanta, Vilnius University
Jolanta works at the department of English Philology of Vilnius University. Her research interests include EAP, corpus linguistics, contrastive semantics and pragmatics, modality and evidentiality. Jolanta is particularly interested in cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary aspects of author stance expression in research writing. More information on her research and teaching can be found on her webpage.

Šlapkauskaitė Rūta, Vilnius University

Tuomaitė Virginija, Vytautas Magnus University
Lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages.
Research interests: ­ methods and methodology of foreign language teaching and learning; ­ innovative foreign language teaching methods; ­ content integrated foreign language teaching; ­ ICT employment in foreign language teaching; ­ English for specific purposes; ­ English for academic purposes; ­ Lithuanian and European foreign language policy; ­ language and culture/intercultural communication; ­ applied and comparative linguistics; ­ translation theory and practice.

Usonienė Aurelija, Vilnius University
Aurelija Usonienė (Professor of Linguistics at Vilnius University, Lithuania) has carried out research and published articles on contrastive corpus-based studies, epistemic modality and evidentiality, verb complementation, adverbialization, discourse markers, syntax-semantics interface.
Her doctoral thesis (1983) was on semantic types of predicates (Institute of Linguistics at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow) and her thesis for Doctor habilitatus (2002) dealt with syntax-semantics interface and verb complementation (Vilnius University).
She has been on research leaves at the University of Manchester (Simon Social Sciences Research Fellowship), Lund University (Svenska Institutet Stipendium), Cambridge University and Oxford University (the British Academy fellowship).
A number of successful research projects have been designed and conducted under her coordination (compilation of Corpus Academicum Lithuanicum – CorALit, Realizations and meaning of author stance in the Lithuanian academic discourse, Non-grammatical evidentiality in the Baltic languages: content, form and functions, Modality and evidentiality in the Lithuanian language, etc.).

Valančiūnas Deimantas, Vilnius University
Deimantas Valančiūnas graduated from Vilnius University, Centre of Oriental Studies with a BA diploma in Comparative Asian Studies (Indology) in 2004. He obtained his MA diploma in Contemporary Asian Studies from Vilnius University, Centre of Oriental Studies in 2008. In 2013 he obtained his PhD in the field of humanities. He studied at the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra and Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany and was on a research visit to the University of East London, School of Oriental and African Studies and British Film Institute in the UK. Currently Deimantas Valančiūnas works at the Centre of Oriental Studies and at the department of English Philology of Vilnius University.

Žindžiuvienė Ingrida, Vytautas Magnus University
Ingrida Eglė Žindžiuvienė is Professor of English and Literature at the Department of English Philology, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. She is the Head of English Philogy Department, and teaches contemporary British and American Literature, Theory of Drama, and other courses. Ingrida Eglė Žindžiuvienė has published articles on British and American literature, comparative literary studies, and American Studies, and has participated in conferences worldwide. Ingrida Eglė Žindžiuvienė is the co-author of the following books: English at a Glance (2002), Modern North American Women Writers (2005), Doing Research on ELT (2013) and others. She is currently working on two projects: a study on contemporary American authors and research into literary representation of collective trauma. Her main research interests include comparative studies of literature, literary theory and cultural studies.